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Shelter Emergency Response – We Get Your Cover



Everything is gradually back to normal here in China now. The COVID-19 epidemic is now under control.
New infections are also declining. Earlier in mid-February, manufacturing, and retail have gradually resumed operations.
And our manufacturing factory is also FULLY RECOVERED in production.

We are truly grateful for all the caring and helps from our clients and friends.
And now it’s our time to reciprocate.


Why the Coronavirus spreads so fast and worldwide.

The coronavirus has caused massive death around the world, and the number is still increasing. Not to mention those suspected cases without diagnosed. And CDC has confirmed that the virus is contagious and spread mainly from person-to-person through droplets.

And the virus has a latency period. Even if there is no sign of an illness, it could be possible that the person is already infected.

Let’s take a man that never put any protective gear on and was diagnosed a few days after for an example. He takes public transportation, goes to the office supermarket and then comes back home as he did every day. No significant symptoms lead to neglect of epidemic prevention. After days of such frequent movements, he is diagnosed to be a carrier of COVID-19.

He could be the Patient Zero, who was also called the “Super Carrier”. Or he could be infected during his way to the office, or when shopping in the supermarket. Most importantly, he has put thousands of people in danger. This also makes it difficult to trace the source and pathway of the infection. That ’s why the government is calling on people to reduce unnecessary movement.

Here is a graphic showing how this happens.

In a way, wearing a mask doesn’t have to mean that you are sick. But to better protect yourself from getting infected.

How the Coronavirus Spread

The pathway of a “Super Carrier”


Effective prevention and hygiene measures.

Is it really overreacting to wear a mask or restrict unnecessary movement? That is no longer an issue to argue. In addition to preventing yourself from being infected. Proactive quarantine should be taken once symptoms show. What governments and citizens should do is to take essential precautions to prevent it from spreading even wider.

  • Wear a mask when going to the public, no matter you are sick or not
  • Keep clean and use hand sanitizer to disinfect
  • Stop touching your mouth, nose, eyes or injured wounds with your hands.
  • Most importantly, get tested if symptoms show.

Shelter is gradually recovered from the epidemic.

All processes from production, sales, and transportation have all returned to normal. Not only our design and sales teams are ready to offer robust clearspan tent solutions. Our production team is also fully committed, to ensure that the relief shelter tents are delivered to infected areas as soon as possible.

And second hand used tents including the “A” frame tent and high peak gazebo are also available to provide READY TO SHIP solution.

Also, we have introduced inflatable tent which could be rapidly deployed for temporary hospital, base camp, testing station, and other emergency shelters.

Shelter is well prepared to fight together with you against the virus.

Communities and Individuals Take Preventive Measures. Screen for Suspected Infections.

For General Temperature Check for Passager and Drive Through Testing

Solution 1: Small fabric tent in widths of 6 – 10m with no walls on both gable ends for a check.
Solution 2: High peak gazebo canopy in 4-10m width.
Solution 3: Emergency responder shelter – Inflatable triage tent.



Throughout the world’s efforts in epidemic prevention and control, what people most concerned about are:

  • whether or not I am infected?
  • If anyone around me is infected?
  • What treatment I will receive after diagnosed?

That’s the reason why mass testing is crucial. To find out those suspected cases with initial symptoms.

As we all know, cough, fever, and diarrhea could be the early symptoms of an infection.
Therefore, temperature checks and disinfection should be taken nationwide in every neighborhood to prevent a larger outbreak.
Specimen collection should also be carried out at the same time to promote vaccine development.

Once fever or other symptoms are showing, those suspected cases should be sent to the fever clinic for further inspection immediately.
Tests including temperature and white blood cell count, flu test should be taken, and CT scan for the ground-glass appearance of both lungs and PCR test if necessary.


Quarantine Suspected Cases for Further Medical Evaluation

Military Grade Quarantine Isolation Tent For Further Test

Solution 1: Small high peak tent in 3 – 10m
Solution 2: Inflatable tent in 6 x 5 x 2m (LWH) with 2 beds for isolated sleeping units.
Solution 3: Small cubic box in 2 x 2.5 x 2m (LWH) for one people isolation

Apart from setting checkpoints for rapid diagnostic test for virus (COVID-19) detection. Temporary quarantine isolation zone should be set as well in those crowded places such as office buildings, downtown shopping malls, train stations, airports, hotels, theater and etc.

Passengers that suspected to be the carrier of COVID-19 needs to stay isolated from others and undergo further medical evaluation and viral particle detection test.

If necessary, segregated accommodation areas can be provided before local hospitals take over the cases.

Once the test result is positive, regardless of whether the patient is very badly ill, they should be isolated to prevent the virus from widely spreading to other family members, neighbors.

Rapidly Deployment for Temporary Hospital to Isolate the Infected

Due to the High Infectivity of the Virus, Quarantine is Required Once Infected.

Solution 1: 10 – 20m clear span tent with interior partition wall
Solution 2: 6*5m inflatable medical tent
Solution 3: 3*2.5m or 2*2.5m isolation shelter for critically ill patients

Once diagnosed and confirmed of an infection, those patients should be isolated from old people or kids that have weaker immunity and accept professional medical care. A responsible government should never leave their people behind.

When a large-scale outbreak occurs, and the public hospitals are overwhelmed. And a rapidly deployed hospital will be greatly in need.

Clearspan tents without poles can make the most of a space to set beds and medical care equipment. And partition walls can be used to separate areas including the emergency room(ER), doctor’s office, general ward.

Thus, a fully functional hospital can be completed in days. Improve response speed, isolate and provide treatment to infected patients at the early stage.

General Temporary Warehouse Structure

For Daily Supplies and Medical Equipment Storage

Solution: Temporary storage tent in width of 10m – 30m.

emergency shelter wholesale - medical supplies warehouse tent for sale -3

SHELTER Warehouse Tents - Temporary Storage Building - Fabric Structures for Industrial Use -28

In order to prevent residents from going out, and guarantee the supplies of daily necessities at the same time. Temporary storage tent can be established next to the community to facilitate the storage and distribution of canned food, hand sanitizer, and cleaning products.

In order to provide medical services to patients in a more timely manner, temporary drug and medical device warehouses can also be established next to temporary hospitals to storage face masks, protective gear and medical examination equipment such as portable CT scanner, etc. It not only facilitates the work of medical personnel but also earns valuable time for first aid.

And racks can be set to make the storage better organized.

Temporary Logistic Center

Command Office, Break Area and Food Distribution Center

Solution 1: 5 – 15m Clear Span Tent without Sidewall
Solution 2: 6m Military Tent with Ventilation Windows
Solution 3: 6*5m Inflatable Tent with Good Vents System

food distribution for emergency - emergency shelter wholesale 2

Field Hospital For Sale-disaster relief shelter - drive through testing tent - quarantine tents - army tents (10)

To avoid excessive staff movement, we recommend setting up a food distribution center near the temporary hospital. If you need to have a meal with colleagues, you must keep a distance of more than 1m between people under ventilated space. The clear span tent with sidewall is the ideal option for outdoor canteen and break area.

In addition, inflatable tents can quickly set up hundreds of independent spaces to avoid infection.

About Shelter Tent System for Epidemic Prevention and Relief

Shelter is the professional clearspan tent manufacturing company that has rich experience in offering temporary space solutions to cover all fields. To complete our emergency relief shelter system, Shelter has developed 2 product lines to meet different requirements.

  • Aluminum Fabric Tents (Clearspan System). The clearspan tents that frame with hard-pressed aluminum alloy (T6061/T2). And covered with polyester coated PVC fabric on sides and roof. They feature well performances in waterproofing, wind, and snow withstand, flame retardant. To prevent patients from secondary injuries due to a tent collapse caused by bad weather.More importantly, they can be installed within a couple of hours or days. And put it into use as fast as possible.
  • Pop-up Relief Shelter (Inflatable System). Comparing to the clearspan system, the inflatable emergency shelter is much faster in installation. A large temporary hospital holding hundreds of patients can be built within a day.
    With flexible installation methods to firmly set tents on any ground surface, the inflatable relief shelter can be used in those countries that are in stable weather condition, without heavy rain and wind.

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