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Small event tent

Small party tent is the perfect option for any outdoor celebration and events. Our party tent combines a sleek and modern design with top-quality materials, providing a reliable and professional tent system that is easy to assemble and transport.

The elegant design of the party tent makes it a popular choice among event organizers and rental companies worldwide. Its clear span design allows for unobstructed views and plenty of space for guests and equipment. The tent also features transparent windows and removable side panels, allowing you to customize the level of ventilation and natural light.

Small party tent features

Available framework profiles: 84*48*3mm; 120*48*3mm; 122*68*3mm. Unlimited expansion in increments of 3.00m.

All the PVC fabric of party tent has been tested for fire retardant DIN4102 B1 M2 and NPFA 701.

Within small party tent series, most components are interchangeable with each other.

The max. windload of small party tent is 80km/h (50mph).


Span width
Eave height
Peak height
Bay distance
3.00 – 12.00m
2.80 – 4.00m
5.59 – 7.35m

Main components


The frame for our large marquee is manufactured by Shelter Structures from a combination of high grade anodized aluminum and corrosive-resistant galvanized steel for the connecting parts.


Covers are supplied using the latest in low wick, anti-fungicide high gloss white, flame retardant translucent or Opaque PVC in accordance to international standards including DIN 4102 B1, NFPA 701.


Wall options

Door options

Roof options

Additional accessories


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