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CFCC Camping Festival 2016

CFCC (China Federation of Camping and Caravanning) is the organization which is a coalition of China’s automobile and motor vehicle industry. The alliance is formed by the enterprises, societies and scientific research, teaching units and individuals that are related to caravanning. The menbers who are in this organizaiton are willing to sharing camping experience and new tech of caracanning.

Concert Tent – The Perfect Solution for Outdoor Show

During this festival, Shelter provides 30 x 40 m concert tent for stage canopy and Dia.6m glass dome for temporary reception hall. Clear span tents are flexible in size and shape by its modular construction. The span can be optional from 3 – 60m (10′ – 200′) and the length can be unlimited by 3 / 5m bay distance. In addition, if you are finding different shape for your concert tents, customized design is allowed in Shelter. Welcome to send us your capacity and tents idea:

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