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Here are some tips you need when selecting right tents for your event and decoration recommendations, and some experiences shared by event planners. Here we collected all information that you may need for a successful event. Welcome to share your experience and tips in the comment section.

How to clean tent vinyl - coated polyester fabric -2

How to Clean Tent Vinyl – Hand Washing PVC Fabric

If you have bought a clear span tent for long-term using, how to maintain and clean the covered fabric will be the worth-thinking question. Shelter is specialized in fabric tent manufacturing for over 10 years, and we are the expert of tent maintenance also. Now we will show you the suggestion and precautions during cleaning the tent vinyl.

Start Your Pop-up Store

Temporary Retail, Promotion Selling, Flash Retailing, Seasonal Retailing or Pop-up Shop, Pop-up Store, it is all about the same selling type. Pop-up shop is talking about a fast and temporary retailing store for some new brand or festival item.
From 1990s, pop-up has been raising in large urban cities like Tokyo, London, LA and New York City. Pop-up stores are the temporary retail spaces that sell anything you want. Usually, pop-up store come into different shapes and sizes. The shop owners will design their shops into eye-caching or brand shapes by tents or containers.

Geodomes – Not only for Events

As the new launched products in Shelter, Shelter Dome always be the hottest tent type for any events. Including brand promotion, product launches, auto show, fashion show, temporary conference hall, children’s classroom, concert dome, wedding venue and festival celebration. At the same time, there are different common usage under geodesic domes in our daily life: lounge tent in the backyard, camping, family gathering.

5 Things in Choosing Right Event Company

When you are planning an events, you have two choice: one is do it by yourself and the other is hiring an event company. If you have decided to finish it by yourself, you need to pay attention – this is a truly complex and demanding task. At the other sides, you want to hire an event company to do it. It seems more easier than seeking the rundown and other completed thing on Google. First of all, event companies is saving your time and vigor. Second, they make events more attractive, memorable, efficient, organized and overall – successful. But a new question is raising, how to choose a sea of event companies? Which is the best one?

Why Temporary Tents are Popular in Sporting Events

Most of the sporting events are regular and temporary, how to increase the space during the games? Temporary building is the perfect choice without any hesitant. As transportable, relocatable and modular construction, clear span tent always creates a stable and durable building in sporting games. Different from permanent building, temporary structures are more flexible in design, capacity, installation, usage and destruction.

The Consideration of Event Tent Selection

Nowadays, exhibition industry is growing faster and faster. More and more corporation are willing to hold different kinds of exhibition like fairs, new product launch. For sharing business experience and promoting brand. In this case, most of the event manager has large demand in exhibition tents. Here are some consideration of tents selection, check it now and get some event management idea.

How to Choose Reliable Tents Company

Event tent industry is becoming stronger and stronger, more and more tents companies have been founded. With its removable, easy installation and flexible usage, temporary structures become the hot choice in any occasion. Like wedding hall, festival parties, commercial promotion, product fair, temporary warehouse (here some tips for choosing storage tents), sports structures and more. Safety is the most important consideration of event tents, you’d better know how you choose a reliable tent company. Here are some question you should know before you select a tents company.

Why You Should Choose Temporary Warehouse Building

Recently, more and more business is growing up quickly. Temporary or semi-permanent warehouse become a better choice for storing. The reason why we you need to buy temporary warehouse building, here are some features of it. Check is now.

Teen Birth & High School Graduation Party Ideas

What type of graduation party you are planning for? A small gathering with family in the yard or a prom in hall? The more time you spend in planning the party, the less time you get worry about the preparation of the details. I hope these tips can help you to have a wonderful prom or backyard party in your 17.

10 Considerate Tips for Outdoor Wedding

If you have wish to have a outdoor wedding party, congratulations! Outdoor weddings are romantic and unforgettable. As your most important memory in your left, outdoor weddings aren’t as easy as they may work. You should make many consideration for it: the size of venue, the population of guests, the theme of the hall and more. Now, i will give you some tips as follows, you’ll be sure to shine on your wedding day.

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