Here are some tips you need when selecting right tents for your event and decoration recommendations, and some experiences shared by event planners. Here we collected all information that you may need for a successful event. Welcome to share your experience and tips in the comment section.

Quality Contrast Between Premium and Poor Aluminum Tent

Now, more and more manufacturing company is raising in tent industry. However, some factories are using the low-quality raw material for saving the cost. That is dangerous and unresponsible for the clients. How to identify the quality of event tents, please check this article and you will have some idea.

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The Maintenance and Lifespan of Geodesic Dome

With the increasing outdoor events, the unique dome tent becomes the main choice of many commercial or glamping events. In addition, spherical dome tent is used as long-term living tent in jungle resort or campsite usually.How to make some simple maintenance of the dome tent? And how long can the geodesic dome tent last for? (The lifespan of dome tent).

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Geodesic Dome Application – How Domes Tent Work

Want to improve the visiting of the events? The geodesic dome is the perfect solution in attracting more “eyeball” for the numerous occasion including the large carnival, commercial events, product launch, new technology sharing, gathering in farm and more.
The size of geodesic dome tents can be optional from 3 to 100m for any capacities. In addition, spherical dome tent is popular by its superior features: flexible size option, cost-effective solution, relocatable construction.


How to Choose Projector Dome

Spherical projection tents with the unique viewing experience are the attractive activity during the commercial and carnival events. So more and more event planners try to manage a perfect projection show or dome screen under the geodesic dome, but the quality and capacity of the dome are the important factors. That is what I am going to explain How to Purchase a Suitable and Reliable Projector Dome?

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10 Amazing Wedding Tent Decoration

Dreaming of an outdoor wedding with luxury and unqiue decoration which can WOW your guests? I know this is one of the most important days in your life and you want to have an unforgettable memory. Before deciding the decoration of your outdoor wedding tent, you need to choose the tent roof first. Frame tent? Curved roof? “Heart” shape? Bellend structures? or geodesic dome? After choosing the tent type, now you can decide the wedding theme and start the decoration for your dream place.

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Can Temporary Warehouse Building be Workshop or not?

Temporary & modular warehouse building is used widely in industrial and military industry with its outstanding features: relocatable construction, flexible capacity, rapid installation, solution in best price. However, some of the people are still doubt about the safety of temporary warehouse building. Can it be used as workshop or maintenance space? Let me explain the safety of modular warehouse structures in frame system, sidewall and accessories.

Custom Geodesic Dome – Dome Tent Design

With the development of geodesic dome tent, more and more people want to make some unique geodome design for special events or glamping. What kinds of customized design can be achieved? Today, we will show you the customized option of geodesic dome tents.

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How to Build Geodesic Dome Tent

Now, more and more event planners are glad to choice geodesic dome as the commercial or wedding event venue. Like exhibition, pop-up shop, wedding banquet hall, branding, news products launches, temporary classroom and more. With the unique appearance which like shell, geodome tent will creates an eye-catching structures to attract the visitors. Geodesic domes are easy to build from scratch provided you have the right materials and the willingness to follow instructions.

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How to Clean Tent Vinyl – Hand Washing PVC Fabric

If you have bought a clear span tent for long-term using, how to maintain and clean the covered fabric will be the worth-thinking question. Shelter is specialized in fabric tent manufacturing for over 10 years, and we are the expert of tent maintenance also. Now we will show you the suggestion and precautions during cleaning the tent vinyl.

Start Your Pop-up Store

Temporary Retail, Promotion Selling, Flash Retailing, Seasonal Retailing or Pop-up Shop, Pop-up Store, it is all about the same selling type. Pop-up shop is talking about a fast and temporary retailing store for some new brand or festival item.
From 1990s, pop-up has been raising in large urban cities like Tokyo, London, LA and New York City. Pop-up stores are the temporary retail spaces that sell anything you want. Usually, pop-up store come into different shapes and sizes. The shop owners will design their shops into eye-caching or brand shapes by tents or containers.

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