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Dia. 50m (164ft) Dome Construction Built in The Desert

Dome Construction Used as Exhibition Hall, Reception Space, and Movie Launching Venue

The trend of event management is putting the show into a unique venue, attracting the eyeballs. SHELTER DOME always meets your wishes with its eye-catching appearance – Spherical Structures. Of course, dome structure is becoming more and more popular not only for its own exterior design but also for the multi-purpose interior space. With the self-supporting (without any pole inside) design, this spherical space will be the perfect venue to be an exhibition hall, event reception, and projection show venue.
If you want to hold a photograph exhibition, you can manage the showcase flexibly, even like a maze. You will show your guests a magical exhibit experience.
Also, movie launches are the common application of geodome tents. The dome tent is covering almost 2,000 sqm land size to hold more than 1,500 seats. Without any interior columns, the visitor will enjoy a broader view from the front stage.
In addition, if you want to hold 4D immersive theater, a spherical dome tent will be the perfect venue. Setting projection machine and you will create the most attractive 4D cinema.

How Dome Construction Works in The Desert Space

This time, SHELTER builds up the dia. 50m geodome tent on the desert space – Alxa, Inner Mongolia. Building such a large dome structure is not an easy task, especially in the desert. However, with the rich building experience, our engineers finished this huge dome tent within 5 days and fit it on the soft sandland perfectly. To firm the tent structure stable, we put 1-ton weight on each base plate. (Total 60 Ton)
As we all know, desert space usually suffered by the strong wind. Shelter designs the unusual height for this geodome tent to ensure safety during wind damage. As we see, the structure of this dome tent is flat compared with the standard design. Such kind of design will reduce wind resistance and echo. The wind will pass the building smoothly and the guest will enjoy the show without too much noise.

SHELTER Dome Construction - Large Geodome Tent for Exhibition, Reception and Launches - Diameter 50m Dome House with White Cover Membrane -4

Dome Construction from SEHLTER DOME - 50m Sphercial Exhibition Hall

Dome Construction with White Membrane - Portable Geodesic Dome Tent in Desert

Dome Construction for Conference Hall - Church Seat in Sphercial Dome Tent - Movie Launch


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