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Fabric Structure – First Option of Indoor Sports Hall

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Fabric Structure Makes Sports Hall More Easy

Compare with outdoor sports venue, indoor sports hall will be the better option for the athlete to enjoy the joy from sporting. Why? If you are running an indoor sports venue, you can receive the players in anytime and any weather. Building a fabric structure to be the sports hall will improve the environment of sports experience including practice, match, hospitality, and lounge. Of course, that is only one part of the advantage of the fabric structure. Apart from them, a clearspan structure can be designed and installed for any application you need. You can expend the practice areas, dressing room, reception space, and others you need. At the same time, the cost of building fabric structures will less than a permanent brick building.

What Makes Fabric Structure Affordable?

Building permanent indoor sports structures can be costly and time-consuming. Building a traditional brick sports hall and arena is hard to be cost-effective and rapid, especially for a small sports club and schools. Although the arena will be used on a daily and receive the athlete yearly, the building cost won’t return in a short time by small organizations. It will become hard to continue running.
Now, fabric structures will be the first option for the small and medium-sized sports club to run a new stadium or expend the old sports arena:

  • Aluminum alloy frame made the whole structure into a safe and stable level. In Shelter, all of the aluminum alloy frames are meet the building standard T6061/T6. Also, we have a stronger windload solution for the windy area like building “X” supporting brace in each unit.
  • Different density of the PVC fabric creates comfortable interior space. 850g/sqm PVC membrane can block the heat and harmful UV from the rooftop. 650g/sqm PVC membrane is usually used as sidewall which allows enough sunlight to come into the hall. All the PVC fabric reach the Euro (DIN4102 B1 M2) and American (NFPA 701) fire radenant standard.
  • With the modular construction system, the whole building can be expended in a rapid manner when you needed. 100% clearspan allows most options in space arrangement.
    The playing area, dressing room, restroom, control offices, and reception space can be kept under roof structure.
  • Nurmoures accessories and equipment make the structure as comfortable as permanent buildings. Sidewall, lighting system, door, and other facilities can be installed flexibly.

Indoor Soccer and Football

These two sports are both in high popularity in the United States. Although soccer usually played outside, having indoor venue allows the teams to practice and play all year round without weather concern. At the same time, the modular fabric structure will be the perfect venue to cover the field, changing room, lounge arena and audience seats under one roof.

Indoor Basketball

Fabric structures can be built with customized eave height [4m (13ft) to 6m (20ft) or more]. You can put multi-courts under one building.

Indoor Tennis

Building an environmental controlled indoor playing space can allow the player to enjoy the game concentratedly. The practice can continue in any season without the effects of wind and rain. Of course, day and night will not the factor anymore. If you are running a tennis club, you can arrange multiple venues under the clearspan space.
Also, having tennis matches in an indoor sports structure also provides a comfortable environment for the players and the audience.

Indoor Swimming

Swimming pool enclosure like a protective barrier to block out the harmful UV from your skin.

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