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Production Facilities

Advanced Production facilities

Our technicals are experts in modular space manufacturing ranging from design, production, engineering, and more. We’re here to help your outdoor space shine.

The whole production process meet the ISO 9001 standard.

High-precision CNC process


Aluminum alloy cutting

This high-precision machine utilizes advanced technology to effortlessly cut aluminum alloy materials with exceptional accuracy and efficiency.


Famework Drilling

Specialized machine offering precise and fast drilling of aluminum alloy components, enhancing the quality and efficiency of clear span tent manufacturing.


PVC fabric cutting

The machine delivers clean and accurate cuts, facilitating efficient fabrication of PVC components crucial for clear span tent construction.

We Are Committed to helping our partners achieve any aim and attain spectacular space appearance.

At our core, we are driven by a strong commitment to our partners in the outdoor space solution. Our aim is to assist them in achieving their desired outcomes and creating awe-inspiring spaces that captivate. We provide comprehensive support to ensure their success in this field.

fine process

With decades of proven experience, our staff could carry out high-fine manual process of the framework, making the whole structure shiner.

Polished manually

The sharp edges generated during the cutting process are meticulously polished manually to prevent personnel from being scratched during the assembly process.


By performing riveting operations on the screw openings, the screws are made more secure, ensuring the overall structure's wind resistance capability.

ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

We are looking forward to you sharing the details of your project with us, we could achieve the realization of your outdoor space together.


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