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Storage Tents: Give You More Space To Grow Business

We provide Temporary Warehouse, Industrial Tents and storage Tents than Anyone in China. Our safty-trained Teams provide turnkey solutions on your demand. SHELTER TENT leads in the design, manufacture, hire, sale and installation of temporary warehouses and temporary buildings for semi-permanent and permanent use. Shelter Tent is the world leading clear span Structures manufacturer of Warehouse Tents, Containment structures, Construction covers, Refinery structures, Workshop Shelters, Lunch Tents, Fabrication Tents, Fabric buildings, Mining Tents, Military tents, Hangar tents, Temporary Structures For Sports Events etc. Shelter Tent is real tent expert specializing in clear span structures, including designing, producing, marketing, and offering turnkey solutions. Behind our pre-engineered tents and portable fabric structures are skilled engineers and professionals who understand the need for portable fabric buildings that withstand severe weather conditions. With more than 13 years experience providing temporary structures all over the world, we know structure, and we know how to support you !

Warehousing, logistics, production, retail, training and showrooms are all activities that can be carried out on a permanent or temporary basis in an industrial temporary structure

We can provide standard or customized storage sheds and shelters for the following requirements.
  • Bulk Storage
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Workshops
  • Civilian Shelters including Kitchen,dining,living and office space
  • Construction covers
  • Shelters in Mining Sites

Temporary Warehouse / Storage Tents

A temporary warehouse structure from SHELTER TENT is the only choice for companies in need of additional storage space. Many seasonal businesses that would typically incur hidden costs by sub-renting space in an off-site building have already used SHELTER TENT for their warehouse building solutions. Serving as portable storage buildings, warehouse tents, catalyst storage, maintenance facilities and more, these industrial fabric structures can be erected on almost any surface – asphalt, concrete, soil, etc. – without the need of a permanent foundation. These temporary warehouses can withstand harsh weather environments with standard off-the-shelf snow loads of up to 50kg. per square meter, and winds up to 120km/h.
Free of interior columns or supports, these custom fabric structures provide maximum storage space for equipment, as well as the ability to transfer materials as needed.


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SHELTER Temporary Workshop - 20 _ 30 _ 40 _ 50 _ 60 Meter Warehouse Building for Seasonal Need - Large Storage Structures -2


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SHELTER Temporary Workshop - 20 _ 30 _ 40 _ 50 _ 60 Meter Warehouse Building for Seasonal Need - Large Storage Structures -1