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Much further than clear span tent

Service Pro

Introducing our exceptional Shelter’s service pro, infused with an added level of dedication. Our commitment extends beyond our renowned structures. Whether you engage us for a sales project or choose to purchase a tent for your rental company, we serve as your exclusive point of contact and steadfast partner, guiding you seamlessly from beginning to end.

When you decide to partner with Shelter Structures, you unlock a host of valuable benefits as part of our all-inclusive standard service package:

In addition to our comprehensive standard service package, we proudly present an array of Service Pro that go above and beyond. We are delighted to extend the following services:

Require additional furnishings or materials to enhance your Shelter solution? Whether it’s furniture, fencing, or any other necessary extras, we handle every detail with meticulous care, ensuring a fully operational and seamlessly integrated solution.

Does your project demand unique sizes or face challenges like high winds or heavy snow loads? Our team of in-house engineers is at your disposal, ready to design a customized solution that includes precise structural calculations, meeting your specific requirements with unwavering expertise.

Looking to preserve the quality and longevity of Shelter solution in the long run? Our dedicated maintenance services are tailored to your project’s unique needs. Working closely with you, we develop a personalized maintenance plan to ensure your solution remains in optimal condition throughout its lifespan.

How can we help you?

Are you in need of information regarding temporary or semi-permanent structures? Let us simplify your search process to the utmost extent.

Aaron Liu

Director Shelter Structures


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