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Devastating Explosion happens in industrial plants every day threatening lives of millions around the world, causing major loss of human life and adverse effects on the financial aspects. We need to provide the industry with a safer shelter.

In an explosion, blast shock waves ripple out from the explosion center. The speed of its following wind is the same as the speed of expansion of the initial fireball.

Electrical hazards, flammable liquids, gases, and combustible dust are of the most common causes of industrial fires and explosions.

It’s hard to totally eliminate these hazards, but we could bring in a safer shelter and more protective facilities for our workers. Our SSA 756 Blast Resistant Tent performs better for the refinery, oilgas and mining markets.

Blast Structure Strength

Scalable and Portable Design

Easily adjust the size and relocate the tent as needed, the flexibility to extend its length indefinitely within a single project.

Spacious and Comfortable Interior

Provide a generous and inviting environment that accommodates large crews, offering ample space with excellent lighting and controlled climate for enhanced comfort.

Efficient Footprint

Optimize space utilization by eliminating the need for ropes or tie-downs that could obstruct walkways or pose potential trip hazards, maximizing the usable area.

Foundation Versatility

Install the tent on various surfaces without requiring a specialized foundation, as it can be securely placed on nearly any suitable ground.

Tailored to Your Requirements

Personalize the tent to meet your specific needs and preferences, with the option to incorporate lighting, doors, HVAC systems, flooring, tables, chairs, partitions, lightning protection, and an array of additional features.

Versatile Application

Utilize the tent for various purposes, such as a break area, command center, meeting space, warehouse, and more, enabling its adaptability to different functions.

How API 756 Blast Tent Works

We Bring You A Closer Yet Safer Jobsite

Shelter Blast Resistant Tent SSA756 structures are based upon the American Petroleum Institute (API) released Recommended Practice 756 (RP-756), Management of the Hazards Associated with Process Plant Tents. The RP provides the siting guidelines for tents and other fabric sided structures that are to be placed on refineries or chemical processing facilities. The guidelines use the same zone designations that are implemented in API RP 753, Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Process Plant Portable Buildings. The zones are graphically portrayed here. Our blast resistant tent SSA756 is approved for Zone 3 and Zone 2 for most applications. Meanwhile, our R & D team is upgrading our tents to fit Zone 1.


The blasting operation played a vital role in the early exploration and production of the oilfield, coal and gas mining. In remote mining sites, where the transportation network is poor, a rapid-deployed blasting tent structure provides a perfect alternative to solid blast building.

API 756 Blast Tent vs. Truss Structures

API 756 Blast Tent

Truss Structures

Why Choose Shelter

Robust Framework +Premium Materials

Shelter Structures has an extensive selection of tents and structures that caters to various needs, from small-scale events to large-scale operations. Our offerings include everything from pagoda tents and party tents to premium muliti-story structure and semi-permanent structures that can last for years.

Tried-and-tested Engineered Structures

Our blast resistant tent was engineered by Baker Risk – the leader in managing industrial hazards and risk. With experienced staff, leading-edge research and simulation software,  full-scale testing capabilities, we can provide you with the highest quality of technical risk management report.

Complete blast analysis and animation

The engineers performed blast assessment and the objective of the assessment was to qualify the tent for siting at refineries and chemical processing facilities in compliance with API RP-756 for the use of tents in process plant blast zones. Engineer generated a pressure-impulse curve for high response from explosive sources in any direction.

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