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The Trends of Clearspan Rental Business

clearspan advantage - the trends of clearspan rental business -2

Why Clearspan is Popular in Tent Rental Industry

Clearspans Structures open a new version in tent design without any obstruction inside the tent. It offers an array of benefits for the tent rental business and clients. One of the biggest attractive points of clearspan tent is the whole open interior space for any facilities and participants. With the unobstructed space, there is more room for chairs, desks, stage, dancing floor, and people. In addition, the clearspan allows more options on the accessories by its unique advantages. Such as door, glass wall, floor systems, etc. Also, the ability to hang liners, lighting, and themed decoration inside the tent.

How about the weather-controlled? As the temporary building,  that is the most considerate question related the safety. For manufacturing tent structures, all of the manufacturer companies should have engineering, climate testing, and fire retardant certification. For climate, that is rated for wind and snow loads. And the covered fabric should reach international fire retardant standards like Euro – DIN 4102, B1, M2 and/or American – NFPA 701.

Given the advantages, choosing clearspan tent to be the main product seem to be an easy decision for a tent rental company. But before making the leap, the decision makers should consider other factors, including market demand, tent vendor, installation training, and transportation.

15 x 20 Structure Tent for Gathering - Transparent Gala Marquee Sale on Malaysia - Small Party Tent on Grass Land -12

15 by 20m Transparent Tent for Presentation of Real Estate Developers in Malaysia. With luxury top lining and lighting system.

PGA Tour US - Lounge Tent in Golf Events - VIP Hospitality Hall with Arch Roof (8)

9m (30ft) wide arch roof with extension gable in PGA US Tour. Such kind of design creates more outdoor space in lounge

How to Leap in Clearspan Tent Rental Business

25 by 50m multi-peak wedding marquee - 800 to 1000ppl capacity clearspan party tent

25 x 45m multi-peak combination wedding marquee sale in Philippines. Modular construction allows numerous tent roof design.

Clearspan tent usually used for every type of events including commercial promotion, trade show, wedding, gala or military, industrial, disaster relief, just to name a few. Apart from this, clearspan tent can be used for semi-permanent usage such as in airplane maintenance centers, company workshop, office etc. Compared with pole tent, clearspan structures allow longer-term application by its own advantage.

You will see that there are more and more clearspan structures are showing their perfect function in some international sports event. Like PGA Tour, Olympic Games, US Surfing Open, WTA, ICC, Sailing Events, Horse Racing and more. They played an important role in the hospitality hall, VIP lounge, stand canopy, catering area, and the official store.

Clearspan structures can be massive or small by its modular construction. As the decision maker, you will be appreciated with this feature. Building the tent house into small, medium or large size is easy by increasing or decreasing the unit. And the most important consideration is some of the tent manufacturers offer small structures for small and medium-sized tent rental companies.

Before buying the clearspan tent from the manufacturer company, you should consider some questions as follows:

  • Inventory – Inventory is the factor in whether you can own the clearspan tent in time and at an affordable price or not. The on-hand inventory is particularly important because the clearspan tent needs to be manufactured by a conventional production cycle. Of course, some of the manufacturers will prepare some basic tent series or send-hand products for the urgent demand.
  • Training – Not only the difference in structures but also installation, fixation method between clearspan tent and pole tent. You need to ask the clearspan manufacturer about the installation and dismantling training and tips. As the tent industry became more and more mature, some of the clear span manufacturers will assembly the base structures before delivery for the convenience of tent rental company.
    At the same time, the rental company employees will need training on selling clearspans.
  • Pricing – Top product quality has its own price. Although buying clearspan tent from the source, you need to pay more attention to the tent which with the low price.

SHELTER Large Exhibition Hall for Zhenjiang International Low Carbon Expo. -7

20,000sqm temporary exhibition hall set up for International Low-carbon Expo. Not pole inside, 100% using.

200sqm clear top wedding tent from Shelter - transparent wedding banquet hall in Shangri-la Hotel

200sqm transparent wedding banquet hall in Shangri-la Hotel. Clear top tent always is the romantic option for marriage and recemony.

double decker tent for vip lounge during soccer event - arch roof two story hospitality tent

15 by 45m two story hospitality tent in ICC. Arch roof and ABS solid wall create a stronger frame for temporary lounge room.

Even with a clear market demand and reliable tent supplier, rental company owners need to consider the transportation and logistic before adding clear span into the product list.

  • Although you have some base equipment in installing smaller clear span tent, you may think about the tool in building larger clearspan. Forklifts could be required in loading and installing a large clearspan tent. Also, you need to prepare a large washing machine to maintain the framework and fabric after leasing.
  • Transport also needs to be thought about. Most of the pole tent and frame tents can fit in a 20-foot container. If you want to strengthen your clearspan business, you may need a large truck or trailers to handle it.

Obviously, clearspan tent offers more flexible tent size and accessories for a rental company and puts your tent business into next level. Clearspan tent seems like a white paper which you can decorate in the whole freedom. Know the local market demand, what you need from the manufacturer, yourself capacities and when will you get ready to leap in, you will be clearer about the industry.

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